Letters: Pipeline good for La. economy

Letters: Pipeline good for La. economy

By Michael Olivier, January 27, 2017


I write to applaud The Advocate editorial board for its recent piece, "Our Views: Build modern, safer pipeline."


I found the board's opinion on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline to be both fair and well-informed - and I share the group's support for the project. The Committee of 100 represents CEOs of companies from a range of industries in Louisiana, as well as university presidents of the state's schools.


At its heart, the committee's goal is to foster opportunities for economic development in Louisiana. And we view the Bayou Bridge Pipeline as one such opportunity, which can catalyze the energy industry in this state safely and efficiently, generating a host of economic incentives along the way.


I agree wholeheartedly with many of the points laid out by the editorial board. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will be a tremendous investment into Louisiana's economy, representing a $750 million investment into the state and communities along the pipeline route. Stemming from this level of economic activity, as many as 2,000 Louisiana residents will be employed, and millions of dollars in property and sales tax revenues will go to local communities. Ultimately, state-of-the-art pipelines like Bayou Bridge incorporate the latest in safety measures and construction techniques. Simply put, I cannot agree more with the editorial board in its view of the project as "a safer alternative to moving crude oil with trucks, trains or barges."


Once in operation, the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will carry much-needed hydrocarbon products to Louisiana refineries, which in turn will be able to meet demand for a wide array of petroleum resources. This access will benefit virtually every member of the Committee of 100 - and countless numbers of Louisianans who rely on crude oil and its many uses on a daily basis. I encourage readers to join The Advocate editorial board and myself in supporting this important project.


Michael Olivier

CEO, Committee of 100 for Economic Development

Baton Rouge



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