Letters: Pipeline deserves approval

Letters: Pipeline deserves approval

by Artie Cole, July 2, 2017


As The Advocate recently reported, environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana, arguing that the Department of Natural Resources should not have granted a construction permit to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline project.


I would argue that the suit is not only deeply misguided, but threatens a major investment in the state of Louisiana. The budget session ended without a major resolution to Louisiana's fiscal issues, underscoring our state's need for alternative forms of funding. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline represents as much as $750 million in investment, generating $1.8 million in estimated property taxes and $17.6 million in estimated sales tax. These dollars would go a long way in communities that might otherwise be at a loss for funding.


This lawsuit, then, would prevent a major source of private investment in Louisiana - at a time when the state is in dire need of funding. For these reasons, on behalf of the Louisiana propane industry (which Louisiana happens to be the No. 2 producer of propane in North America), I look forward to a speedy approval of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and a successful completion of construction.



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