Letters to the editor: I write to voice my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

Letters to the editor: I write to voice my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

By Howard Veeder, Baton Rouge, February 2, 2017


While the article noted that the project represents a $750 million investment in our state's economy, there are a number of other important economic impacts that we can expect from construction of the pipeline. Among these are 2,500 construction jobs for hardworking men and women. Further, company officials desire to work with local surveyors and engineers, offering further opportunities for our community members. And Bayou Bridge has contracted with Louisiana-based Stupp Corp. for providing steel and logistics guidance during construction. With Stupp Corp., there is the added benefit of support for its local community still recovering from the devastating floods of August. These are just a few examples of the direct and indirect employment benefits that will stem from this project.


In addition, the pipeline will be a key source of revenue for state and local governments through the generation of tax and sales revenues - nearly $2 million in property taxes during the first year of operation and more than $17 million in sales tax revenue, to be more specific. This money can be put to a range of good uses by elected officials. Whether it is through repairing roads and bridges or bolstering school budgets, many community members living along the pipeline route will witness the positive effects of constructing and operating the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.


While I recognize that some Louisianans are quite vocal in their opposition to the project, I would encourage those who wish to see this amount of positive economic activity in Louisiana to join me in supporting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.


Howard Veeder

Baton Rouge



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