Letters to the editor: Bayou Ridge Pipeline will help this region

Letters to the editor: Bayou Ridge Pipeline will help this region

By Bekah Knapp, Staff member, Louisiana Propane Gas Association, January 26, 2017


Bayou Ridge Pipeline will help this region.


Regarding a recently published article ("Round two looms in fight over 163-mile oil pipeline through Atchafalaya Basin," Jan. 18), I wanted to take the opportunity to express my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.


Additionally, I'd like to address some of the concerns voiced by the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and others regarding the project.


As a resident of Louisiana, I'm always mindful of economic opportunities that will improve upon the existing capabilities of our state.


And the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will certainly accomplish that goal through connecting a pre-existing network of pipelines to refineries throughout the Gulf Coast region, thereby expanding their ability to meet demand for the many petroleum and hydrocarbon products that literally fuel our nation's economy. Not to mention, it will provide employment opportunities for 2,500 construction workers as well as increased demand for goods and services along the pipeline route, giving a much-needed boost to local businesses.


At the same time, it's important to remain mindful of the longevity of Louisiana's environmental health.


While anti-energy activists claim that the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will result in adverse effects to our natural resources, I'm confident that simply isn't the case.


Thanks to company officials' meticulous attention to detail throughout the planning process, construction of this project will be undertaken responsibly and will not have any lasting negative impacts on Louisiana's pristine wetlands and agricultural properties.


Bayou Bridge Pipeline is fully committed to restoring any affected areas to their pre-construction state.


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