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Letter to the Editor: Focusing on facts of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

The Daily Iberian, June 24, 2018 Let's focus on the facts about the Bayou Bridge Pipeline The Bayou Bridge Pipeline has been at the center of an ideological fight in Louisiana - one that has been missing some key facts in the midst of a heated discourse. Environmental activists claim construction of the pipeline will [...]

Letter to the Editor: Misinformation on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Letter to the Editor, The Livingston Parish News, June 24, 2018 Dear Editor, As we've seen with multiple incidences over the past several months, misinformation is everywhere and can permeate rather quickly. Journalists' duty is to dig through any potentially false information and reveal truth. When the news media publishes something that's incorrect, it can [...]

Letters: Setting record straight on Bayou Bridge

by Randy Hayden, The Advocate, June 14, 2018 As we've seen with multiple incidences over the past several months, misinformation is everywhere and can permeate rather quickly. Journalists' duty is to dig through any potentially false information and reveal the truth. When the news media publishes something that's incorrect, it can have major consequences. So [...]

Bayou Bridge Pipeline Has the Facts on Its Side

by Tom Magness, Real Clear Energy - May 16, 2018 Over the past several months, Louisianans have heard a lot of debate about the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, a nearly 170-mile transport line that will move crude oil products from the Clifton Ridge Marine Terminal in Lake Charles to refining facilities near St. James. Unfortunately, what [...]

Environmentalists Showed Up To Protest A Louisiana Pipeline - All But One Were From Out Of State

by Jason Hopkins, Energy Investigator, Daily Caller - May 3, 2018 Louisiana pipeline opponents were ticketed and kicked out for trespassing on private property - citations revealed only one of them was even a resident of the state. On Tuesday, numerous environmental protesters were reprimanded for trespassing on private property while attempting to meddle with [...]

Are New Pipeline Infrastructure Projects Doomed?

APR 4, 2018 @ 06:14 PM By: Brigham A. McCown Pipeline developers are finding it more difficult to build new projects these days, and that is despite the Trump Administration's heavy emphasis on infrastructure. What was once a sleepy industry that silently delivered nearly two-thirds of all energy products the country utilizes on a daily basis [...]

Our Views: A clear path for new pipeline

ADVOCATE EDITORIAL APR 5, 2018 - 6:00 AM After a high court overturned a Baton Rouge federal judge's stay, construction along the entire length of the Bayou Bridge pipeline is now in progress. It's a $750 million investment and provides construction jobs for the area of the state hard-hit by the collapse of oil and [...]

74% of Louisianans support new oil and gas pipelines

LMOGA Announces Pipeline Poll Results - March 8, 2018

Eunice company picked to build portion of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, January 30, 2018   A Louisiana company has been chosen to build the portion of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline stretching from St. Martin Parish to existing terminals in St. James Parish.   Sunland Construction of Eunice will build approximately 55 miles of the roughly 163-mile crude oil pipeline, according to [...]

Louisiana-Based Sunland Construction Selected to Construct a Segment of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Sunland to Build 55-mile Segment Under Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin

Legal flak should not delay Bayou Bridge pipeline project

Advocate Editorial, January 28, 2018   Given Louisiana's legacy of environmental abuses, residents have a right to be skeptical when industry proposes new projects in ecologically sensitive areas.   But after a thorough official review of the planned Bayou Bridge pipeline project, there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason why the pipeline shouldn't move [...]

2018: The Year Of American Energy

By Brigham A. McCown, Forbes Contributor, January 25, 2018   It has been one year since President Trump issued executive orders allowing construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline to proceed. Though considered contentious in the media, today we are witnessing the positive impacts that decision, along with policies more broadly [...]

Energy Transfer Partners contributes $5 million for conservation efforts

MEMPHIS - Jan. 19, 2018 - Ducks Unlimited (DU) today announced a $5-million contribution by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) in support of wetland conservation efforts in Ohio and Louisiana. ETP's operations overlap several of DU's priority landscapes and provide excellent opportunities to support DU's conservation work.   "Wetland conservation work supported by ETP will have [...]

Resolutions for a prosperous Louisiana

By Don Briggs, Daily Comet, December 31, 2017   The Christmas season has come and gone, and now we are headed into the final stretch of the holiday season.   The New Year has become synonymous with the sounds of champagne bottles popping, fireworks, the ball drop in Time Square and New Year's resolutions.   [...]

Media Statement - December 12, 2017

We were recently made aware that Louisiana Rise, a local non-profit advocacy organization, has purchased property along the route of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline on which we have an existing easement agreement that allows us to legally construct the pipeline. This easement agreement was negotiated with the prior owner of the property, and, under Louisiana [...]

Letters: Pipeline deserves approval

by Artie Cole, July 2, 2017   As The Advocate recently reported, environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana, arguing that the Department of Natural Resources should not have granted a construction permit to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline project.   I would argue that the suit is not only deeply misguided, [...]

Letters: Pipeline will be a benefit to Louisiana

Letters to the Editor, Houma Courier, May 12, 2017   It's not news that oil and gas have been critical to the economy of Louisiana. But even a cursory look at the massive economic impact of the energy industry in Louisiana made me start thinking of the possibilities that the Bayou Bridge Pipeline could hold [...]

Bayou Bridge Pipeline represents jobs, investment in Louisiana

By Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA.), Opinion Contributor, 4/28/17   It will come as no shock to many of you reading this when I state that partisan divide in Washington has reached historic levels and is now spilling over into one arena where both parties have typically agreed ... infrastructure. Nowhere is this more prevalent than [...]

Making Case for Bayou Bridge Pipeline Expansion

By Zachary Fitzgerald, LSN Writer, Abbeville Meridional   The past few years haven't been good on the public relations front for oil and gas pipeline projects. with the expected expansion of a major pipeline through Louisiana, a propane industry spokesman says now is a critical time for pipeline proponents to win the battle of ideas. [...]

Letters: Bayou Bridge Pipeline will Provide Jobs

Letter to the Editor, American Press, April 6, 2017   Investment in Louisiana's energy infrastructure network creates a powerful economic engine that generates positive impacts for residents throughout the state - including its minority communities. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline represents one such opportunity which would provide several benefits during both the project's construction and operation.   Louisiana's energy industry - from midstream infrastructure to Gulf Coast refineries has played [...]

Letters: Support construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Investment in Louisiana's energy infrastructure network creates a powerful economic engine that generates positive impacts for residents throughout the state - including its minority communities. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline represents one such opportunity, which would provide several benefits during both the project's construction and operation.   Louisiana's energy industry - from midstream infrastructure to Gulf [...]

Letters: "Pipeline will be safe and effective"

By Maj. Gen. Spider Marks, Letter to the Editor, Houma Today, March 16, 2017   With the public comment period for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline now closed, Louisiana's regulatory agencies will turn their attention to reviewing the public's input and reviewing the merits of the project.   Officials should consider the tremendous amount of planning that [...]

Voices: Pipeline bolsters our economy, preserves our environment

March 15, 2017   I write in response to a recently published letter ("Voices: What will Louisiana look like in 20 years?"). I don't discredit the notion that tourism and the responsible management of Louisiana's natural resources can bring immense value to the state's economy. However, those goals are not mutually exclusive from the construction [...]

VINSANAU: If You Want To Close Louisiana's Budget Deficit, Build The Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Editor's Note: A guest post from Linda Vinsanau, a conservative activist based in Metairie.   As Louisiana's special session ended, legislators closed the state's $300 million budget deficit. However, this solution included significant cuts to the Louisiana Department of Health and other agencies, as well as using $99 million from the rainy day fund. Unless [...]

Louisiana is quickly evolving

By Harry C. Alford, NNPA Columnist, Florida Courier, February 24, 2017   Louisiana today is a very different state from the time of my youth. I love the place, as my bloodlines have lived there since the 1830s.   I can begin tracing my roots through my four great-grandfathers. On my father's side, there are [...]

Bayou Bridge Pipeline backed by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

By JR Ball, | The Times-Picayune, February 16, 2017   Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has thrown his support behind the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline, saying the 163-mile project, despite controversy, is the safest way to move crude oil to refineries across the Gulf South. He endorsed the project Wednesday (Jan. 15) on his [...]

Economic implications of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

By Greg Upton, Guest Columnist, The Advertiser, February 16, 2017   Louisiana is a beautiful place to live. Our Atchafalaya basin is an incredibly unique ecosystem and also is crucially important to the future of our state and culture. We'd be shortsighted and naive to wreck our environment for short-term economic gains. But on the [...]

CPPJ supports Bayou Bridge, wants property restoration

By John Guidroz, American Press, February 10, 2017   Calcasieu Parish police jurors on Thursday approved a resolution in support of the $750 million Bayou Bridge pipeline project, but some officials said property that the pipeline runs through should be restored to its original condition.   District 12 Police Juror Judd Bares said he heard [...]

Letters to the editor: I write to voice my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

By Howard Veeder, Baton Rouge, February 2, 2017   While the article noted that the project represents a $750 million investment in our state's economy, there are a number of other important economic impacts that we can expect from construction of the pipeline. Among these are 2,500 construction jobs for hardworking men and women. Further, [...]

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is a $750 million investment in Louisiana

Louisiana Propane Gas Association, Facebook, February 1, 2017   The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is a $750 million investment in Louisiana, creating 2,500 construction jobs for our hardworking men and women and generating millions of dollars in taxes for local communities. Once in operation, the project will transport crude oil safely and efficiently to our refineries. [...]

Opinion: Pipelines, trains and automobiles

By Gifford Briggs, Guest Columnist, Houma Today, January 31   First it was Keystone, then it was Dakota. One pipeline after the next has become the focal point of environmental and anti-fossil fuel organizations across the nation. The bad news is that this fight has found its way to our very own backyards of south [...]

Letters: Pipeline would cut environmental risk

By Tommy Foltz, January 30, 2017   The people of Louisiana have read quite a bit about the Bayou Bridge Pipeline - much of it negative, with an assumptive tone of environmental disaster. It's time they heard the truth. There are many reasons to support pipelines. They transport natural gas and fuel used to generate [...]

Letters to the editor: Bayou Bridge Pipeline deserves support

By Howard Veeder, January 28, 2017   I write to voice my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.   While your recent article noted that the project represents a $750 million investment in our state's economy, there are a number of other important economic impacts that we can expect from construction of the Bayou Bridge [...]

Letters: Pipeline good for La. economy

By Michael Olivier, January 27, 2017   I write to applaud The Advocate editorial board for its recent piece, "Our Views: Build modern, safer pipeline."   I found the board's opinion on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline to be both fair and well-informed - and I share the group's support for the project. The Committee of [...]

There Are Luddite Imbeciles Gathering To Kill A $750 Million Capital Investment In South Louisiana

By MacAoidh, The Hayride, January 27, 2017   Yes, this is a post about the Bayou Bridge pipeline, and it's the third one in 24 hours here on the site - Loren Scott, the famous LSU economist, had a guest post about it here yesterday and so did Gifford Briggs in his regular column.   [...]

Letters to the editor: Bayou Ridge Pipeline will help this region

By Bekah Knapp, Staff member, Louisiana Propane Gas Association, January 26, 2017   Bayou Ridge Pipeline will help this region.   Regarding a recently published article ("Round two looms in fight over 163-mile oil pipeline through Atchafalaya Basin," Jan. 18), I wanted to take the opportunity to express my support for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. [...]

LOGA backs Trump action on pipelines

By Ken Stickney, The Advertiser, Part of the USA Today Network, January 24, 2017   Louisiana Oil and Gas Association Acting President Gifford Briggs said President Donald Trump's executive order to move forward on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines marks progress for energy security.   The president signed five executive orders in the [...]

Letters: DEQ should approve pipeline

By Loren Scott, The Advocate, January 24, 2017   Spill data I have examined suggest there is little environmental risk from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.   The Bucket Brigade provided Coast Guard data on 144 "pipeline accidents" in Louisiana in 2016. Of these accidents, 85 were from pipelines carrying oil. What we were not told [...]

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will serve as a critical addition to Louisiana's energy infrastructure system.

By Louisiana Propane Gas Association, Facebook, January 24, 2017   The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will serve as a critical addition to Louisiana's energy infrastructure system. The Louisiana Propane Gas Association fully supports its construction and operation - and we encourage you to join us in Napoleonville on Feb. 8 to voice your support for this [...]

Our Views: Build modern, safer pipeline

Advocate Editorial, January 23, 2017 With Louisiana already criss-crossed by pipelines, is there a need for another?   The market appears to see it, with a "Bayou Bridge" line to be built across 11 parishes from Lake Charles to St. James Parish.   It has become a focal point of criticism from environmental groups, but [...]

Letters: Building new pipeline makes sense

By Rick Bond, The Advocate, January 20, 2017   A recent letter in this publication ("Fossil fuels worsen global warming," Jan. 17) criticizes the Bayou Bridge Pipeline based on the number of permanent jobs it will create.   Jeff Cobb's opposition to this important infrastructure project, on economic grounds, ignores the innumerable economic benefits to [...]