What safety measures will be in place to protect the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and environment?

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will incorporate state of the art protection systems. Some of them include:

  • The entire pipeline will be tested with water under higher-than-normal pressure and regulation devices will be installed to prevent pressure from exceeding safe limits.
  • State of the art technology, called a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, will provide real time pressure, flow rate and other data to trained pipeline controllers who will continuously monitor the pipeline and be able to remotely close valves and stop pump stations within minutes.
  • The pipeline will be continuously monitored for leak detection using compensated mass balance software and real time data from the SCADA system.
  • The Bayou Bridge pipeline will use mainline valves fitted with motorized actuators that allow valves to be remotely closed to isolate pipeline segments as needed within minutes, and allows all mainline valves to qualify as Emergency Flow Restriction Devices (EFRD).
  • Bayou Bridge will flyover the pipeline right of way route weekly, weather permitting, for visual inspections.
  • The pipeline will be monitored and controlled 24/7/365 by full-time control room operations staff.
  • Added pipe wall thickness will be installed in sensitive areas, including under public roads, waterways and railroad crossings.
  • Added inspections at pipe mills will ensure full compliance with quality control measures by highly trained inspectors.
  • Use of mainline valves fitted with remote controlled motorized actuator valves that can remotely close all valves will allow Bayou Bridge to isolate pipeline segments as needed within minutes.
  • We will inspect 100% of all welds by radiographic (x-ray) or ultrasonic means.
  • We will implement a cathodic protection system to ensure long-term integrity of the pipeline.

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