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July 16, 2018 - We are aware of tree sits that have been erected in the Atchafalaya Basin and the plans of those who have constructed them. If there are persons currently in any of the tree sits, we encourage them to come down and leave the area - not only because this is an active construction site, but because of the hot temperatures in the Basin this time of year. Any extended exposure could put people at a significant health risk.

We have notified local law enforcement anyone in a tree sit is trespassing on our right-of-way. We are working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our workers and that of all others in the area. We hope for the protection of all involved that this situation can be quickly diffused.

June 6, 2018 - We want to set the record straight about our construction activities in St. James Parish, Louisiana, regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Contrary to what is falsely being said by those who oppose the project, our construction is in compliance with the law. This has been affirmed in a letter from the Executive Counsel at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which states that its staff followed procedure and the law appropriately when approving the permit. The letter further states that it is the DNR's position that there is neither cause nor a defensible legal position to issue any cease and desist order to Bayou Bridge in this matter.

Our construction activities have been and will continue to adhere to the stipulations of our permits. Our commitment to the safe construction and operation of this pipeline remains a top priority. We understand there have been some outspoken opposition that are trying to disseminate false information to sway public opinion. We have seen this done time and time again for critical infrastructure projects like Bayou Bridge, and we want to set the record straight that we will continue to follow all applicable permits to build and operate this project.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for tips that lead to an arrest for vandalism that took place between March 24th and March 25th. The vandals caused significant damage to multiple pieces of construction equipment in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. Please call 855-430-4491 with any information.

March 27, 2018 - Unfortunately, one of our contractors recently experienced vandalism to multiple pieces of equipment along our right-of-way in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, causing significant damage and potentially harmful environmental impacts. We understand there will always be varying opinions about critical infrastructure projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and we respect the rights of all to peacefully protest, however, destruction of equipment is not peaceful. What we find most concerning is the environmental damage caused by those who say they are "protecting the environment." An investigation into the incident in cooperation with local law enforcement is underway. Construction continues in compliance with all of our permit conditions on this much-needed infrastructure project.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is supported by Louisianans and has received letters or support and endorsements by the following elected officials and interested parties:

  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards - Endorsed the project on his monthly radio show.
  • Nancy Landry - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 31
  • Stephen Dwight - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 35
  • Stuart Bishop - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 43
  • Beryl Amedee - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 51
  • Chad Brown - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 60
  • Mike Danahay - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 33
  • National Sheriff's Association
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America
  • Consumer Energy Alliance
  • Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce
  • Louisiana Propane Gas Association
  • Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
  • Lake Area Industry Alliance
  • JSW Steel

Project Update:

We are excited to have concluded the more than two-year permitting process, which has allowed us to begin construction. The construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will take place in what we call "spreads" with multiple spreads under construction simultaneously across the entire route. Construction is estimated to be complete in the second half of 2018.

Construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will provide an estimated 2,500 local construction jobs that support Louisiana families, generate an estimated $17.6 million in sales tax for local businesses such as restaurants, hotels and shops, and an estimated $35 million to date in new investments with Louisiana-based companies. Additionally, Bayou Bridge will pay annual property taxes on the pipeline. These taxes are estimated to be $1.8 million the first year the pipeline is in service.

For more information on pipeline construction click here.

Bayou Bridge Pipeline: Creating Jobs and Income for Louisiana by Safely Moving Oil Between Existing Terminals

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline extension will connect major Louisiana hubs at Lake Charles and St. James. It is an extension of the current pipeline starting at Nederland, Texas. This 163-mile route will maintain Louisiana's growth and provide millions of dollars in benefits to the state.


The construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline will generate about 2,500 construction jobs, and support many other local businesses. In fact, all the pipe used in the Bayou Bridge Pipeline is sourced right in Louisiana, from Stupp Corporation.
The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will be installed along a route that is 88% parallel to other infrastructure already in place. The pipeline will be buried a minimum of 3 feet underground across the entirety of the route, with additional depth under wetlands, agricultural fields, roads and other sensitive areas. All construction areas will be restored to pre-construction contours and elevations, with a particular focus on conservation of the Atchafalaya Basin. This means restoring the right-of-way and work areas to natural grade similar to undisturbed adjacent lands or wetlands.


The Department of Transportation and independent studies have consistently demonstrated that modern pipelines are the safest means of transporting energy goods, while bolstering regional and national energy independence and security.

Taken in total, Louisiana's energy industry supplies:

- $1.5 Billion in state taxes (FY '13)
- $20.5 Billion in Household Income
- A total boost to Louisiana's treasury of $2.9 Billion

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